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“This is worship: to serve mankind and to minister to the needs of the people. Service is prayer. A physician ministering to the sick, gently, tenderly, free from prejudice and believing in the solidarity of the human race, he is giving praise”

- The Bahá’í Writings -

The World is Sick

But together we can heal it.

In an increasingly divided and chaotic world, the Baha’is of Grand Junction strive to provide a sanctuary of hope. The teachings of the Baha’i Faith help us to understand the true nature of humanity and to use that knowledge to bring about a more loving, compassionate and just world.


Ongoing Events and Activities

Baha'is hold different kinds of event each geared towards enhancing and reinforcing our lives as spiritual beings walking together on a path of service to humanity.  Baha'is have no clergy and typically these meeting are held as small gatherings in people's homes.  During Covid these have been suspended but continue instead on Zoom.


Devotional Gatherings

Devotional meetings usually consist of prayers offered by any participant sometimes with a theme followed by readings from Baha'i scriptures, other religious scriptures and even non-religious uplifting works.  Participation is encouraged by all but you don't have to read or say a prayer if you don't want to.  Music or other forms of art may also be included.  Dates and times of specific upcoming devotional can be found on events listing.


Study Circles and Deepenings

Bahai's hold regular study sessions designed to help us learn about our purpose, but also to encourage each other to become better servants to humanity.  These typically follow a set course over a period of time and cover a variety of topics.  They start regularly and efforts are made to accommodate the schedules of all participants.  These usually include elements of practice and artistic components.  

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